Last year it wasn’t snowing in the middle of March here in Alsace, so last night’s storm was quite a surprise and the perfect excuse to stay indoors, take long naps, procrastinate, eat spicy ramen and play some Splatoon 2/ Uncharted 4.

Things I’m working on

I’m not in Colmar anymore since last Friday and even though Obernai is closer to Strasbourg, the train ride takes about the same time, which is around 30 minutes. After two days there it seems livelier and more welcoming than the former city. Thing is that I’ll be the manager this time around and I’m not really comfortable in a position of authority… This will be going on for at least three months.

Last night (as in Saturday night) my FB friend Alex Pyatetsky dropped me a line to ask how to hire English-speaking talent to work as customer service representatives in Mexico City for The DJ HookUp. I mentioned that FB targeted ads and posting the offer on Indeed & Monster would get him some buzz as the city is full of young people with decent English skills that already work for a handful of call centers there with bilingual campaigns. I may be helping out with some content translation if needed but in all I was happy to lend a hand.

Things I’ve enjoyed

One of my personal design heroes is Michael Bierut so when I’m feeling rather uninspired I go back to his multiple Youtube vids to get my creativity flowing if only for a while. This talk he gave at Google’s London HQ is one of my faves.

Things I’m struggling with

My journal is long overdue and I don’t think I’ll ever catch up with it again. There are still no therapists available in town in the near future.

Things I’ve learnt

I’m a noodle soup enthusiast and I believe ramen & pho are ALWAYS a good idea, regardless of the weather. And this little article claiming that eating ramen should hurt a little, rings a few bells as if it is not spicy & hot enough to make me sweat I don’t feel I got my money’s worth. Itadakimasu!

Things I’m listening to

Oliver is a rather obscure DJ hailing from LA, with a heavy electro, 80’s music vibe that I discovered around four years ago when I lived in Montréal and they’re just too good for their own good; I didn’t know they had released a full-fledged album in 2017 and now it’s headed straight to my phone.

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