Identity and uniforms for ACC Montréal ‘Phoques Fantastiques’

Year: 2016-2022 / Client: ACC Montréal / Tools: Illustrator, Procreate

Back in 2016, I won a contest to design the new logo and uniforms for the Phoques Fantastiques, the LGBTQ+ water polo team that trains in Montreal. I approached the brief in such a way that the visual identity would be easy to reproduce in a myriad of materials, including fabrics: using a water polo ball as the background, I outlined the silhouette of a seal on top of it. For the swimsuits, I used the colour palette of the logo to create diagonal stripes across the fabric.

Fast-forward to 2022, the team approached me to redo the uniforms and I took on the chance to refresh the logo with some minor modifications and for the uniforms, I hand-drew stripes to simulate the sun, the water and the ball’s movement across the pool as a print.

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