Identity for Rediseño México

Year: 2016 / Client: Rediseño México / Tools: Illustrator

Rediseño Méxicoredesign Mexico in Spanish—is a personal design project and blog to develop new visual concepts that reinterpret the symbols, documents and other materials currently in use to represent the Mexican identity and the state communication, bringing them to a clearer, more modern and inclusive design standard and visual language, setting aside politics.

Its visual identity not only has to be a distillation of the project’s essence and goal but also flexible, distinguishable and intrinsically Mexican.

MX is more than just Mexico’s internet domain: it is a common abbreviation of the country that is more popular now that online access has been democratised throughout the country. I use a simple set of lines to draw the letters and then duplicate the lines and place them slightly above in a 32º diagonal and join the vector points to make a set of three-dimensional shapes from which I can build on. The inclination angle is a nod to the 32 states that integrate Mexico.

This way, the logo can be used in many different ways: it can become a solid shape, can contain an image or texture, just draw an outline of the letters or have different colours overlapping each other.

Rediseño México’s logo was revealed in 2016 when the project began as a website and was extensively used in 2021’s flag exhibit in Paris and Strasbourg.

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