Weekly Design Recap 10

I’ve been doing this for ten uninterrupted weeks? Whoa, I guess I’m committed to it now. This time around though, I’m taking a little break over my post-Paris depression to write.

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Things I’m working on

  • Ugh, the Mexico City visual identity is taking some time, particularly because I can’t wrap my head around a way to standardise the icon set for consistency because I have already developed most of the set but they’re not produced in the same way. I, however, have already set the typography for the whole system although the more time passes I feel more inclined to change it completely.
  • I feel embarrassed about the fact I haven’t produced that Nintendo Switch review even well after a month of owning one. I promised I have done good progress on it though and the fact that I did that in just an hour only contributes to my embarrassment.
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Things I’ve enjoyed

  • On Netflix; the Sarah Silverman comedy special is raunchy and typically Sarah, which is always a good thing in my book. As far as comparisons go, Amy Schumer, has become too defensive & vulgar for my taste and I do not recommend her latest special; she’s just not that funny in my eyes anymore.
  • I’m still overwhelmed by what I saw and tasted and absorbed while in Paris and now I’m back in Strasbourg, depressed because I’m a big city boy and Paris has all a big city boy needs and more. I visited a boutique by the Louvre carrousel dedicated to mustard. MUSTARD, and my mind was blown away. I always leave a big city longing for a chance to live in it and experience it for a while, not with the expected tourist rush. With Paris, I may have a chance in the near future.
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Things I’m struggling with

As a child scarred by bullying throughout all of my school years, I looked forward to a visit to the orthodontist to assess my overbite and see what my options are. According to this doctor, the best course of action would be to have maxilofacial surgery; a procedure that lasts two hours but has a recovery period of up to five weeks. I’ve never had surgery before and it’s scary, considering it’s only an aesthetically driven procedure and not something clinical that would improve my quality of life. I need to consider too that even though there’s near universal health coverage in France, this would not come cheap as it is comparable to whitening my teeth. In other words, not necessary. I may go for a second opinion but the outlook isn’t encouraging.[/text-with-icon][text-with-icon icon_type=”font_icon” icon=”icon-book” color=”Accent-Color”]

Things I’ve learned

  • With important elections being held in Mexico and the UK, I have been glued to the news as of late. The situation in my home country is rotten to the core and the party in power knows and plays the system too well to just give it away by playing fairly. Protests are massive but don’t seem to work because they just stop there and don’t really take action other than doing a very vocal display of their minds. Great Britain on the other hand, produced another surprise post Brexit and although I don’t necessarily agree with Corbyn on everything, I would have appreciated a much more positive alternative to the Tories with their hard Brexit and austerity initiatives. But them losing their majority is much better than nothing and I expect good things out of it.
  • I was not prepared to see the sheer scale of the Eiffel Tower and as a proud nerd and only a day after visiting it, I got to read as much as I could about it. Didn’t know that ol’ Gustav had a flat at the very top, that the whole tower is repainted every seven years to protect it from rusting, that once a Montréal mayor asked Charles de Gaulle to have the tower shipped to Canada for the Montréal Expo —it was designed to be disassembled easily— and that Hitler had ordered one of his generals to demolish it but he didn’t obey, among so many other juicy bits of trivia. That it’s more than a century old is nothing short of surprising and quite the feat since they came up with new casting and forging technology back in the day to build it.
  • I love TED mini documentaries on Youtube and their latest one on Marie Curie is just wonderful. What a remarkable woman —didn’t get to visit her grave while in Paris, though— and his husband was an early 20st century feminist, standing by his wife and acknowledging her for the hard work she did with him that got them the Nobel Prize.
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Things I’m listening to

I have actually run out of new podcasts to listen to —I’m also not cycling that much nor have enough quiet time, which means I’m sticking to my regular shows, so I’m looking for recommendations.[/text-with-icon]