Weekly Design Recap 12

This week marks my first year living in Europe, which is rather bittersweet since I miss Montréal and these past twelve months have been somewhat challenging. It has to be said Europe does have unbearably hot days and I can’t imagine how it gets in the south; I’m thankful my apartment building has a pool available until at least October.

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Things I’m working on

  • Super slowly but surely, Sad Words Journal is gaining a little audience. Updating the blog everyday is a challenge in itself since I’m not that much of a depressive person but it does provide me with moments of real insight and reflection. Since it’s a 100% mobile project, I find that the font selection on Adobe Comp is super limited and sometimes the images I produce do look repetitive but the output is sharp and no less than what I need to keep the blog alive.
  • I made two little signs for the biggest Naturalia store in Strasbourg; they recently changed their opening hours and didn’t have a proper sign to let people know. Also, they had handmade signs for when they tills are closed and also made one. The font I used isn’t the exact same as the logotype since it seems to be custom built but the final result complements the overall store concept and I can’t wait to print them out and install them.
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Things I’ve enjoyed

  • Netflix quietly uploaded Modern Family season 7 and I’m so thankful because I needed something light-hearted. I had also forgotten how endearing the whole cast is except for Luke’s character which I find boring and badly acted. Yet another year before season 8 is available elsewhere and I’d torrent it if it weren’t for the astringent EU laws against unofficial P2P sharing.
  • In terms of the main quest, I’m almost done with Breath of the Wild; I am forcefully avoiding the final battle because I don’t want the game to end, so I’m just focusing on the shrines and maaaaybe the Korok seeds. And then the DLC is coming…

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Things I’m struggling with

  • A new medical condition! The fact that the doctor says it is incredibly rare doesn’t really comfort me but weirdly since it is the rarest form of the disease, it is rather stable and it should sort itself out. In the meantime, it’s only lead me to some pain but a lot of embarrassment. It is also named after a Roman god.
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Things I’ve learned

I’m going through a phase of poring over vulcanology and mountain formation, not just general geology, and I’ve learnt a lot about Mount St. Helens, the Himalayan genesis and that a rather obscure volcano in Congo has the fastest lava flow on Earth.


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Things I’m listening to

Thanks to 99% Invisible I found out about the new Radiotopia podcast, Ear Hustle and it’s not your Orange Is The New Black overdramatized show, but real stories told by real inmates of a federal prison in the US and I can’t recommend it enough.[/text-with-icon]