Weekly Design Recap #7

So, um… I’m late this week again as the last few days have been chaotic, in a good way. A close friend came from Mexico to pay me a visit and I love the chance of being a tour guide, but that doesn’t mean I didn’t work on design stuff.

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Things I’m working on

  • I have a new Spanish student and that has taken a couple of hours off my week but I enjoy teaching very much and it’s great to see the students progress, specially when I follow the method I used to teach myself English and French.
  • The Mexico City visual identity system is finished, at least in terms of rules and the basics; all I now need to do is to develop the icons based on those rules. What I can say now it’s that the system focuses on the city’s Aztec origins and although it isn’t precisely original, I think the approach is.
  • I am revising my flag project for copy corrections as I might have a chance to organise an exhibit again, although it may not be the case.
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Things I’ve enjoyed

  • Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt is out and it’s good that I’m having it 10 days before the new House of Cards comes in. Titus lemonading is the funniest and most mortifying thing I’ve seen in weeks.
  • Coconut flour makes everything I do with it even better. I made the most delicious pancakes I’ve ever had and I’ll have a hard time trying to ration it as it is ridiculously expensive.
  • Greening the Planet 2 for Android; I tried the first version of the game and I like how the second one refines the UI and the gameplay. The premise is simple; you land in a new planet that you need to terraform by blasting orbiting asteroids to harvest energy and then inject the planet with green stuff. I love the cutesy characters and the visuals but I would love the laser to be more efficient. The game has no apparent goal other than manipulating the planet’s atmosphere and moving on to the next.
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Things I’m struggling with

  • This week being so hectic, I’ve hard a difficult time when trying to focus and find motivation to do stuff. It also doesn’t help that bureaucracy has me on a hiatus and the fact that the Switch most certainly absorbs my free time isn’t a good sign either. So I’m walking about and cycling a lot, partly because of work, so I can improve my creativity. Maybe it’s the Spring showers or I’m just homesick.
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Things I’ve learned

  • I live by the forest and spiders seem to spring out of nowhere. Lots and lots of them. That got me on a long Wikipedia read about them and then I ran into the numbers of how much stuff they eat every year and it’s rather unsettling to say the least. Some of there are even cute but I don’t want them near me.
  • Nuclear energy is often discarded as safe after incidents like Chernobyl or Fukushima. Radiation is scary and so, solar and wind  have taken the lead in renewable energy. Nuclear fusion is still years away, so why not make nuclear fission safer? Vox & the University of California produced this little video with a ton of information on new nuclear reactor tech development.
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Things I’m listening to

A little known artists, at least in the US has been making a lot of noise this side of the Atlantic. It all started in Greece, of all places and after almost monopolising the radio stations there, Lost on you by LP made its way through the rest of Europe. The song is constantly played on French FM and at first I thought it was rather unusual of Gwen Stefani to sing such a mellow song but after careful listening I realised it wasn’t her and decided to know more about her. She’s so good and her lyrics so well crafted I might as well forgive her for whistling in her songs.