Weekly Design Recap #6

Doctor appointments, work and Asian grocery stores got in the way of my Weekly Design Update on Friday but, better late than never, right?

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Things I’m working on

  • Getting a startup off the ground in France is complex and full of legalese, that’s why I’m going to the Chamber of Commerce in two weeks to get all my questions answered and bring back Limpio out of the hiatus.
  • I’ve done some work on the Mexico City visual identity, but I need to polish it before I set it out in the wild.
  • After my flag design last year, I realised I love doing periodical design projects; it’s a challenge of sorts and keeps me focused on a single task. So based on a list of the most important science papers ever published I’m working on 25 science book minimalist covers and I will publish one per day, starting in a week or two.
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Things I’ve enjoyed

  • Oh my utter god, I’m obsessed with my Nintendo Switch, so much in fact I haven’t even bothered writing that hardware/UI review because there is so much Hyrule to explore. I’ll draw the line on what I think of it there and have the review ready next week.
  • Fargo on Netflix. I enjoyed the film for the first time not that long ago, but other, showier titles on Netflix drew me first and after running out of options I started the first season and it was an absolute blast, not that I enjoyed it all the time since it can get very graphic but the cast is top notch —Bob Thorton is phenomenal as Malvo— and I was on the edge of my couch from the very first episode. And they say the second season gets better.
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Things I’m struggling with

  • Back in February I injured myself while cycling and I’ve got a bad knee ever since. Doctor says it’s healing fast but that I still need physical therapy to make it better and so I don’t have permanent damage. Scary.
  • My current Mac is showing its age and sometime’s it is a pain to work with even with the most basic stuff; blogging takes forever and don’t get me started with Illustrator, let alone it running aside InDesign. Maybe it’s time to get some more RAM since I wouldn’t want to spend two grand —because I can’t—on a very limited, current gen Macbook Pro. Wonder if it’s not that bad of an idea to go back to Windows and all those viruses.
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Things I’ve learned

  • I’m the Michael Phelps of messy clothes and at times it gets out of control, so I’m really happy I ran into the teachings of Marie Kondo and her book on the Japanese approach to  tidying and decluttering. I find it particularly difficult to detach myself from material stuff and I definitely own more clothes that I’d ever wear and the learning curve to this has been painful and steep, but if it improves my life I’m willing to give it a shot.
  • This video is pure gold because oversimplifies deep philosophical ideas and makes them fun. Also, I was pleased to see that I know my world history quite well
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Things I’m listening to

I’ve found two new podcasts that earned my subscription right away; High Resolution, which interviews the design heads of companies like Facebook, Microsoft and Google, with often great insights into what makes their design philosophies tick. The second one is Lore, and although its narrator is not as brooding and atmospheric, the writing and the stories really are and I can’t recommend it enough.[/text-with-icon]