Cambio Natural

Year: 2022 / Client: Cambio Natural / Tools: Procreate, Illustrator, Photoshop, InDesign

After months of planning and developing its learning and marketspace platform, Cambio Natural approached me to create a visual identity encapsulating the organisation’s principles of social innovation for Planetary Health.

Along with César Jerónimo Esquinca, CN’s co-founder, we poured over graphs on global greenhouse gas emissions, the economic impact of climate change and scientific papers on possible solutions to the ongoing environmental crises. After sharing our insights and ideas in several online meetings over the summer of 2022, we arrived at the conclusion that is now Cambio Natural’s modular emblem.

The starting point is the Earth itself, with its near-spherical shape acting as a vessel that contains four different layers, recreated with hand-drawn patterns:

      • Nature. Both the oceans and the atmosphere look blue; they’re the most vulnerable to our gas emissions and without them, Earth would be lifeless.
      • Economy. The value of gold has been intrinsic to the development of the modern economic system. However, the current models are incompatible with a warming planet and will have to adapt to the needs of a society that is already affected by climate change but still refuses to shift its interests on the macroeconomic scale.
      • Technology. Our energy demand has only increased since the invention of the silicon-based microchip and the future of our species depends on the research and development of cleaner energy sources, carbon-capturing devices, sustainable agricultural & industrial models, and robust, universal healthcare with advanced therapies. 
      • Community. When compounded, changes on an individual scale will determine the requirements of a society that is increasingly aware of how the ongoing planetary crises affect the economy, our technological advances and our quality of life. With proper access to education, transparency in science communication and a fair distribution of wealth, society can thrive without compromising the environment on which we all depend.

The emblem, like the Earth or a living cell, is irregular and ever-changing, so the position of the layers and their rotation angle is variable in every major application of the visual identity. For the typographic element, I use Dela Gothic One, a freely available, open-sourced Google Font.

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